Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa - Monchique, Algarve, Portugal


Personal Training
Get the best out of your gym time. A personalized class ensures better and faster results. Our Personal Trainer will help you push your limits and make you reach your goals. Personalized class for better and faster results.

Time:1 hour   Cost: 60€   Great For: Faster Results

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  • Gym 5 - Cópia
  • bike friendly resort

Monchique is an ideal place for cycling. Every day hundreds of cyclists climb the mountain and enjoy the combination of fresh air and the technical circuit that makes them improve their performance. From preparation for federated athletes or simple rides Monchique is the perfect place to padel.

Cost: We Rent Bikes  Great For: Bike lovers

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Cross Training
A short-circuit training session with small rest intervals and medium / high intensity through functional training exercises performed mostly with the body's own weight. The aim is to increase general muscular strength, endurance and improve cardio respiratory conditioning.

Time: 30 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Intense Fitness

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  • Cross Training Final
  • Zen Room 3

Core Training
Medium / high intensity class aimed at strengthening the Core (central region of the body), responsible for stabilizing the spine, through strength exercises performed with the weight of the body itself and in a circuit system with small rest intervals. The aim is to increase core muscular strength, endurance and improve cardio respiratory conditioning.

Time: 30 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Ab training

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Fit Ball
Description: Fun class where a ball is used to support various localized exercises. This modality allows working strength, flexibility and balance.

Time: 45 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Fitness Fun

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  • Zen Room
  • z2

Description: When experiencing a Zumba class you will feel energy flowing in your body. This dance party, inspired by Latin music and easy to follow choreography, stimulates movements through rhythm, in a high energy explosion: you will feel refreshed, renewed and full of life. Zumba classes incorporate exotic rhythms such as salsa, merengue and cumbia among many others

Time: 30 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Dance Fitness

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Aqua Fit
Low impact and high energy water class. In the water, the impact on the joints is decreased, which allows you to loosen the body. The water also creates a natural resistance, where you can easily adjust the intensity of the exercises. By using increased resistance of the water with fun and energy demanding movements Aqua Fit is a fun workout.

Time: 45 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Fun Fitness

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  • Aqua Fit
  • water polo

Exciting water game that promotes team spirit and mutual support. Score more goals than the the other team!

Time: 45 min   Cost: Free   Great For: Family

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Surf & Paddle
Choose between the Algarve coast and the Vincentina coast to surf in fantastic waves. There are several packages and several opportunities for you to simply take a class or an intensive course of Sur, bodyboard and SUP.

Time: -   Cost: From 60€   Great For: Family

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  • SUP-galeria8

All activities need to be pre-booked 24h in advance


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